Thursday, May 3, 2012


Our next day in New Orleans was mostly devoted to the New Orleans Heritage Jazz Festival. The festival is a huge event, hosting musicians from all walks of life, providing hundreds of local jobs, with any profit going to the rebuilding and sustaining of the amazing art culture of New Orleans. Due to my limited walking abilities, I mostly parked in my folding chair in front of the stage hosting FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE, our main listening goal.  It was pretty hot, but our spot near the pathway, afforded a grand and constant view of people from every walk of life and every age. We also tasted some of that famous fairground cajun food. Florence put on a beautiful show and we were delighted to see her performance style, which is so unusual and ethereal, perfect for our evolution into the rhythm of the WRATH of THE GRAPES epic RV trip.

That evening, Urban spoon found us the perfect dinner spot in the Kenner Fish House, much to the delight of Michael. He loves those good local spots. When we returned, however to our humble plugged in abode and hungry puppy, we found a hot home, with no a/c or lights. In the process of entering said home, we were attacked by a swarm of flying queen ants, which entered the rv on our bodies and in the air.YIKES!!! Find the flashlights!! They are on me, they are on me!!!! GET THEM OFF! Thankfully, they did not seem interested in biting..........Oh, and did I mention the tension?

Eventually, we got them all and hit the hay with the a/c sort of working and a trusty back-up fan. Starting to remind you of the Steinbeck grapes, yet? Different now, and hopefully not as desperate a situation, but remember, this is tongue in cheek, folks.

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