Friday, May 4, 2012



Each day, we are trying to find a routine incorporating our “rituals” biking for me, running for Michael, and getting a little practice time in on our instruments. Mandolin for me, Banjo for Michael. So far, we are traveling pretty fast, but won’t keep that up. Our next plug in was in Beaumont Texas, more just a convenient stop before Houston traffic. We had to laugh at the RV park in hot Beaumont, not a tree in sight. Our experience in Florida is always having shade. I asked the check in woman, why no trees? It looked like the DUST BOWL..............Her answer was “the big rigs" don’t like trees to interfere with the satellite reception. Hmmmm....yeah, and think of the massive energy use in this huge park. Oh, wait....we are in oil country, now! No problem.

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