Wednesday, May 23, 2012


We followed the Rio Grand west, after descending from the Davis Mountains, towards El Paso. Traveling with Michael means we go the roads “less traveled”, so there is very little interstate freeway travel. We always meander on the smaller roads, usually running parallel to the interstate, but with much more interest and history, and that was the case coming into El Paso. We followed the river valley, with Mexico on one side and the U.S. on the other, seeing little difference in many cases, between the two sides. Farming along the river, with the emphasis on pecan groves on the U.S. side, and much poverty on both sides, each saturated with hispanic culture. In this manner, we approached east El Paso, where my sister, Linda, lives and presides, like a small whirlwind of a matriarch over her family.

We entered her realm and were quickly absorbed in her busy and long rooted wake, where one must swim along, in order to enjoy any moment of time with her. Michael was soon discovered by 2 year old Kindle, who proceeded to wooo him with her precocious charms for the entire 3 days!
MICHAEL AND KINDLE There is something about him and red heads!

We took this time to take care of some maintenance on the vehicles  and ourselves, between visiting with Linda and her daughters Laura and Katherine, and Laura’s children Sara and Chase.

I have been doing some scrambling to find resting camps along the way, North through New Mexico, on this Memorial Day Weekend. My sense of time is fading, as we journey on, which is a rare pleasure for me. Each day is marked by experience rather than dates on a calendar. I am grateful to be able to just enjoy the moment, and have the time to contemplate life, mine and others.

Michael and I drove to Las Cruces and met 2 of my childhood friends for a wonderful visit with them and their spouses. We spent the afternoon laughing about our childhood “activities” in our old neighborhood, from 5th grade through high school graduation. Somehow, we all made it! It had been many years since we had seen each funny how old friends still seem the same. It is comforting in an odd sort of way, like recognizing your own history through others eyes.

For our entire visit in El Paso, we had strong wind and blowing sand. Happy to be parked in Linda's back yard with her home as shelter, and happy to not live here.  This is our last town in Texas, now to head north. Our trip north and west is somewhat unplanned at this point, though we know we will travel north through New Mexico, stopping at TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES,  where my niece has a lovely lakeside home, for one night and then on up to the Santa Fe /Taos area, where I want to view Georgia O’Keefe’s “lovely desert light” for a couple of days. We have been experiencing west Texas’s famous gusty, dusty wind for a couple of days, and are looking forward to the mountains again and less wind and heat.

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