Sunday, May 27, 2012


We had a small reprieve with the wind and smoke on that last morning in New Mexico, but Michael was ready to get out of the desert! We high-tailed it north again, but still no reprieve from the conditions in the area. I am hoping for the best for all the people who live here

We stayed in an RV park in Durango, but had little desire to explore this lovely town, choking on smoke. Luckily, we had secured a nice spot for the night in a park which was loaded with road bicyclists that were running a 50 mile race through the mountain pass. YIKES!

Some time in the night, the wind subsided and the temperature dropped. We woke up to 23 degrees
and no smoke.....Yay!

We took off early and are headed to Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, where Michael wants to explore and we are hoping for a 2 day stay. Traveling over a 10,000 ft pass in the Rockies is an awe inspiring vista. As I listened to veterans stories on NPR and tried to keep from driving off a cliff, I felt I could not be in a better place on Memorial Day. America, the beautiful, before my very eyes.
10,000 FEET and snow......

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