Wednesday, May 30, 2012


We landed in Montrose, Colorado, after going over the big pass and touring some cute historic towns along the way. Our new digs are quiet and peaceful next to a gurgling creek and lots of shade. We arrive early and Michael headed out to explore the “deepest canyon” in the United States. 1000 ft deeper than the Empire State Building is tall. I took a nap. When Michael returned he had a great tale to tell about driving MY CAR to the bottom of said canyon! But, he had enough of white knuckle driving for the day, AND regretfully no pictures.   The good news was we had outrun the smoke and wind.

We had a relaxing evening here, but are starting to feel like moving along and getting closer to our destination, so we only stayed one night and continued on into Utah to Green River. Unfortunately, my technical tools have been giving me some issues, or maybe just my brain is giving me issues, so I can’t find pictures of anything in Utah! I am sure I took some.....didn”t I????

Green River was a lovely little town and we stayed in the State Park right in town with 30-40 University of Montana geology tenters. It was fun to have the entertainment of so much youthful exuberance. Great place to study geology, the colored rocks varying from sage green, to bright red, to black. We had planned to cut through Utah with only 2 nights straight across US 50, but had to divert and go north to Salt Lake/Provo area in order to find some of my needed anti-inflammatory herbs. Success with that, but that put us at a huge city RV park in Salt Lake. It was okay, but not our style, so we headed out early for Nevada, which we knew would be a bit bleak after Utah.


Utah: Gorgeous, colorful, wholesome, wilderness appreciation.
Nevada: Bleak grey, forgotten American dump-ground, offering lap dances at the first sign.


To be fair, our one night in Nevada in Battle Mountain was not terrible, seemed to be a thriving little town, with gold mining and not much housing. Our park was newly built and filled to capacity by full-time workers.

But now we are ready for Oregon! My goal was to be there on my 65th birthday. On the last leg of Nevada rt 140 we began to ascend into Opal Country. Took a side trip up to this camp in the Sheldon Natl. Wildlife Refuge. The only wild life we saw was a couple who approached us selling OPALS. They were quite the pair, he with his cowboy hat and loose tails and she with skin the color of the desert dust. We looked at the opals they has packed in water, but declined to buy and promised to come back. When we drove away he was on his hands and knees looking for more opals in the desert sand. Ummhmmm........OPAL FEVER. This cabin built in the hill
may have been their home, but not sure. There was a lovely geologic pond there, which she was headed for.

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