Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Heading out towards New Orleans today for another long drive through the Florida panhandle, coastal Alabama, and Louisiana. The country is about lowlands and bayou, and swampy waters. Miles of beautiful vistas, and pretty easy for me, driving my Prius behind the big white square ahead of me, my guiding mobile icon. The waxing moon and subsequent tension makes me glad for the isolation in my little red car, so as not to frighten others or have them frighten me.

Our “rooting place” in New Orleans is a very old, but well maintained KOA campground in an interesting ethnic neighborhood of New Orleans, a block away from the Mississippi. A beautiful biking, walking path runs along the dike next to the river, and was a delightful bike ride for us. We also biked through the neighborhood, and had some sweet connections with the local children and old folk. I love the laid back and mixed ethnic vibe of New Orleans. Just talking to people is a shared historical language experience in the soft accents. Cajun, French, Hispanic, north, south, east and west America.

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